Eva Hudson, writer of crime fictionI write crime fiction featuring: women protagonists, London and an overarching sense of justice (I’m old fashioned like that).

I was born and raised in south London and feel the need to explore my roots in my stories. Did you know there are remarkably few contemporary crime series set in London? I’ve been trying to find examples. So far I’ve come up with Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne books, SJ Bolton’s DC Flint series and… well that’s about it. If anyone can think of others, please leave a comment. I’d love to discover more.

Being a long term fan of Cagney and Lacey and now Scott & Bailey, it’s small wonder I find myself attracted to stories featuring women as the main protagonists. Be honest – who hasn’t secretly wanted to be Christine Cagney or Rachel Bailey once in a while (even if they are rubbish at relationships and live on ready meals and breakfast cereal)?

The sense of justice thing is a no brainer – I do like a nice bit of resolution in a novel, good guys triumphing in the  end (at least most of the time). That’s the beauty of crime fiction, you can enjoy an exciting beginning, driving middle and satisfying ending without feeling guilty about it. Compelling characters and a pacy plot. That’ll do nicely.

So basically I write the books I love to read.


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