Experiment: Using keywords to improve Amazon discoverability

I do like nice, concise titles!

The full explanation of this method comes courtesy of Joanna Penn, self-publishing guru and can be found here: thecreativepenn.com . It involves using Google adwords to research popular search terms in your field then double-checking them on Amazon – a keyword popular on both Google and Amazon should be on your list.

This technique employs some of the SEO tactics used over the years by web masters to get their sites noticed by Google. The theory is, by adding important keywords to both the keyword field on the KDP upload page:

Amazon keywords

and to the product description or ‘book blurb’:

Amazon product descriptionreaders searching Amazon for their next purchase might just enter the topics they’re interested into ‘search’ and if your book is what they’re interested in, bingo! If you can get a keyword or phrase into your book title too (eg The Loyal Servant – A Political Thriller) even better.

Now this technigue might work really well for non-fiction books (Joanna Penn uses a non-fiction example to describe the method) but to date (I added the keywords and tweaked the description on April 23) I’ve seen no increase in sales. At all.

It might be my keywords haven’t bedded in yet (technical term) and it’s too soon to call, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn’t worth spending a lot of time on if you’re a fiction author.


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